Celebrate World Quality Month with BIETS Centre of Excellence

BIETS Centre of Excellence , comprising of global professionals has been established to support organizations to achieve and sustain Excellence through a well-connected team of international experts related to Business, Innovation, Excellence and Technology.

We are pleased to share that we are taking lead to support organizations to take advantage of this opportunity to join this global mainstream. The objectives of celebrating day, week or the whole month for Quality is an opportunity to revive the personal, organizational, community and national commitment to promote Quality & Excellence. Full month calendar thus may be filled with inspiring events across all organizational levels.

We’d propose to plan multiple events ranging over the awareness sessions, webinars, seminars and ceremonies including but not limited to cover the following:

–        Exploring journey of Quality Evolution in your industry and organization such as Academia, Manufacturing, Service, Healthcare, IT etc.

–        Sharing the personal and organizational stories to inspire and getting people on-board for continuous improvement

–        Strategic and Operational Planning with focus on Quality & Excellence

–        Fun activities with incentives, certificates and awards.

We are glad to share that we have prepared commensurate special packages that you can choose conveniently as per your organizational requirements. These include but not limited to Lean Six Sigma, Operational Excellence, Digital Transformation, Strategic Planning/Hoshin Kanri, Productivity Enhancement, ISO 9001 System, Technology for Organizational Excellence, Academic Excellence, Kaizen Blitz, Quality Leadership in the Modern Organizations etc.

We shall support you to design, conduct and facilitate these sessions, trainings and workshops at an economical and affordable package price during the month of November, December and beyond at your convenient time while you can incorporate these initiatives into your strategic and operational planning for the upcoming year as well. These can be conducted online as well as onsite.

Please contact us today for organizing training and workshops for organizations and individual professionals around the world.

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